Eligibility Conditions

A. Eligibility of a candidate shall be determined in accordance with the advertisement for the post(s), Service Rules governing appointment to the relevant post(s) and such other ancillary instructions issued by the Government and/or the Commission if any, from time to time. For this purpose, the age, qualifications, experience and other credentials etc. of the candidates existing on or up to the Closing Date fixed for such posts as advertised shall be taken into account. No relaxation in this regard shall be allowed.

B. However, the Government may on case to case basis, allow relaxation to the extent considered necessary, as per the rules.

Applications of Medically ill Candidates

The Commission will accept late submission of the applications of medically ill candidates provided it meets the conditionality as laid down by Government of Sindh. No relaxation in this regard will be permissible.

Eligibility Through Relaxations

In case Government of Sindh grants any relaxation to a candidate, his/her candidature /eligibility will be acceptable and his/her application will be forwarded to the Member in Charge for further processing.

Acquisition of Educational Qualifications

The prescribed educational qualifications must have been acquired on or before the Closing Date for submission of applications. Proof of the announcement of the results (Date, Month, and Year) should be provided withthe applications in order to confirm that the candidates possess the advertised qualifications. Applications of candidates, whose results have not been officially announced by the Controller of Examination of the university on or before the Closing Date announced for the receipt of applications, shall not be entertained in any case.

Work Experience

Work experience required for any post advertised will be considered only if it satisfies the criteria laid down for such experience. For the purpose of these Rules prescribed experience would be the experience gained in a regular, full time paid job acquired after obtaining the prescribed basic qualification, spent on studies, whether inside or outside the country. However time consumed in acquiring Ph D or M Phil degree in the relevant field will be excluded from the claimed length of experience.

Equivalence of Foreign Degree with Local Degree

Candidates who claim equivalence of a foreign degree with the prescribed educational qualification of a post, must at the time of applying for the post, enclose proof of such equivalence of degrees/ diploma issued by the competent authority, e.g. University Grants Commission (UGC), Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) or Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Submission of Certificate of Equivalence

Candidates, who claim equivalence, must attach the required Certificate of Equivalence along with the application. If, however, such certificate is in the process of issuance, the same must be issued by competent authority and produced by the candidate at the time of interview. Candidates who have not yet received this certificate on the day of his interview may seek delay till such time it is available. However such delays will only be allowed till the last day of the interviews. Failure to produce Certificate of Equivalence will render the candidate ineligible to go through the process of interview.

Adherence to Last Date Notified

The last date notified is to be strictly adhered to, in case of candidates applying from within Pakistan. However, candidates applying from abroad may be allowed a period of one month beyond the notified date. Additional rules pertaining to candidates residing abroad are given below:
A. If a candidate returns from abroad after the last date for receipt of applications, but before the finalization of the interviews, his/her application should be entertained and he/she should be interviewed, if otherwise eligible. It is, however, mandatory that such candidates must produce documentary proof of his/her return from abroad by attaching to the application, attested photocopies of pages 1 to 3 of his/her passport and the page on which his/her entry into Pakistan is stamped.

B. In case a foreign resident candidate having citizenship certificate (R-I) is unable to produce certificates/documentary evidence in support of entries made in application form, such as marks sheet etc., he/she should file a proper and legal affidavit duly authenticated by a Magistrate.

C. With the exception of relaxation allowed in sub-articles a and b above, rules for foreign resident candidates will be same as for in-country applicants.

Categorization of Applications

Members in Charge/concerned Branch having scrutinized the applications will
identify these separately into following three categories, namely, ACCEPTED, DEFICIENT or REJECTED Applications. The parameters
of each of these are given below:

A. Accepted Applications Accepted Applications must be fully compliant with the instructions contained in the application form and General Instructions (SP-1B) as updated from time to time. Such applications must be complete in all respects, have attached to it all documents and should not qualify as Deficient or Rejected Applications.

B. Deficient Application If a candidate fails to submit properly attested copies of following documents, his/her application will be regarded as Deficient:

    1. Secondary School and Higher Secondary School Certificates.
    2. Marks Sheets.
    3. Degrees/Qualification Certificates.
    4. Departmental Permission from Competent Authority or a Certificate from
      Superior certifying that DP is under process.
    5. Experience Certificate when minimum experience has been prescribed in
      the advertisement.
    6. Service Certificate to calculate age concession benefits.
    7. Age Relaxation Order.
    8. Character Certificates.
    9. Original copy of Chalan.
    10. Payment of Chalan in wrong Head.
    11. Domicile and/or PRC.
    12. Number of chances availed for a particular post.

C. Rejected Application Following are the parameters of Rejected Applications:

    1. Applications received in the Commission Office after the Closing Date and Time of application advertised.
    2. Applications not submitted on SPSC prescribed forms.
    3. Prescribed minimum qualification is non-compliant.
    4. Candidate is under age or is over age beyond the Government approved relaxation.
    5. Candidate’s proof of date of birth is not issued by the authorized agency or its veracity is conspicuously doubtful.
    6. Copies of documents provided have been tempered or manipulated.
    7. No Chalan fee deposited.
    8. Requisite conditions of prescribed Experience and/or Research Work are non-conformant.
    9. For CCE candidates, Optional Subject Selection Form is either not attached or indicates option selection contrary to the prescribed instructions contained therein.
    10. Domicile/PRC not provided or candidate belongs to Province other than Sindh.

Handling of Scrutinized Applications at The Commission

Applications scrutinized will be processed further in accordance with following procedure:

A. Applications which are incomplete or not on proper form in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations, or do not meet the pre-requisites of eligibility, shall be “Rejected” by the Commission. The Commission, citing clearly the reasons for rejection, will individually inform such applicants. The rejection letters will contain only the non-rectifiable deficiencies,| that is, shortfall in requisite time for experience, underage, overage by more than 10 years, non-resident/non-domicile of Sindh, non-conformity of required qualifications etc. Such letters must be issued prior to the announcement of date of Written Examination/Test.

B. Candidates whose applications have been categorized as “Deficient”’ will be informed by letter and called upon to rectify the shortcomings of correctable nature immediately. The Commission shall intimate an explicit cut off date for response by such applicants, which should fall prior to the date of announcement for conduct of Written Examination. No extension in such date is permissible. Delayed response shall not be acceptable.

C. Candidates whose applications have been rejected or found deficient are to be informed separately by the Commission.

D. Candidates whose applications are in order will be “Accepted” for further processing.

Issuance of Call Up Letters

Calls for Written Examination/Test or Interview shall be sent to candidates whose applications have been scrutinized and “Accepted.”

Corrective Response by Candidates to Meet the Deficient Requirement

Candidates who are required to respond to make good their deficiencies, must do so within the specified date and time. The concerned Branch will receive candidate’s response and will scrutinize the same for acceptance or otherwise. The applications found compliant in accordance with the rules, will be accepted for further processing. Corrective responses received after the specified date, are not to be entertained.

Deficiencies Responded by Candidates but Found Non-Acceptable

If the scrutiny of deficiencies responded to by the candidates still do not meet the desired eligibility criteria set out in these Regulations, their applications will stand Rejected. Such candidates, however, have the option to go into appeal to the Chairman, SPSC.

Late Discovery of Deficiencies

Discovery of deficiencies in any candidates’ application and/or its enclosure, at the time of interview, significantly the shortfalls in original documents attached and/or approved Age Relaxation Order by Government of Sindh (if required and has been applied for, by the candidate), should be addressed as under:
a. The candidate will be allowed to go through the process of interview but will be required to fulfill the shortfalls specified to him/her.
b. The results of interview will be computed only after the candidate has satisfactorily complied and made good the deficiency(s).
c. Such deficiencies are to be made good by the last day of the completion of the series of the interviews in question.

Discovery of Serious Deficiency

In case a serious deficiency is observed in the eligibility of a candidate at any stage of the process of selection, the Commission may cancel his/her candidature or withdraw nomination as the case may be. Such case(s) if and when detected will be prepared by the concerned Branch and placed before nominated Member in Charge for orders and to Chairman for information.

Candidates Whose Results are Withheld

In case a candidates’ result has been withheld by the University/Board, he/she shall be considered disqualified. However such candidate(s) may re-apply subsequently when post(s) are re-advertised and they are qualified and eligible in all respects.

Disqualification of Candidates

Notwithstanding the rules specified in the preceding Articles, pertaining to rejection of applications, candidates who get involved in following practices shall be disqualified from further selection process:

A. Canvass in any form.
B. Makes false accusation or insinuation against any other candidate.
C. Who furnishes any information or particulars which are false or suppresses material information.
D. Attempts to influence the Commission, its Members, Staff Officers or Staff or tries to obtain support for his/her candidature by improper means/channel.
E. Deliberately submits forged certificates or tempers with the entries in any document such as, his/her age, educational
certificates/mark sheets or other documents.
F. Misbehaves in the examination hall or during Interviews.
G. Copies by any means or is found receiving help from another candidate or is found helping another candidate

Acceptability of Attested Documents

A. Photo copies of documents, duly attested by competent authority, where asked for, will be acceptable on the condition that the candidates would present the originals if and when they are called for interview. In the cases where candidates are required to appear in written examination, original documents have to be produced by the candidates before the staff of the Commission designated to coordinate the proceedings for the Interview Committee.

B. Photocopies of the required documents are to be duly attested as per following rules:
By a Federal or Provincial Gazetted Government Officer under his own signature with full designation duly stamped.

  1. Attestations by Officers of the Universities and autonomous/semi autonomous bodies who are equal in
    status to the gazetted officer of Government shall also be acceptable.
  2. By City Nazims or Deputy Nazims or Town Nazims. 

Application Fee

A. Candidates while submitting their applications are required to do so along with prescribed application fee. The fee is to be deposited in the Sindh Government Account Head “C02101-Organ of State-Exam Fee (SPSC Receipts)”and original Chalan is to be attached with the application.

B. If the candidate has deposited the application fee in wrong head, the application is not to be rejected. Candidates are, however, required to deposit the fee again in correct Account Head notified. Previously deposited fee is not to be refunded.

Medical Fitness

A candidate desirous of appointment to a post must be of good mental and physical health and free from any physical deformities that are likely to interfere in the discharge of his/her duties. A candidate, who after such medical examination, as the Government may prescribe, is found to be mentally/physically unfit, shall not be selected. This clause will not apply to candidates who have applied for seats reserved for Disabled Persons. In accordance with the procedure in vogue, the medical tests are normally carried out at the time candidates join the service after final recommendations of the Commission.

Representation by a Candidate against Rejection

Candidates whose application has been rejected may file an Appeal before the Commission within 15 days from the date of issue of Rejection Letter.

Correspondence Between the Candidates and Commission

All correspondence, communications, representation etc, in respect of recruitment shall be addressed to the Secretary, Sindh Public Service Commission, Hyderabad and must bear the signatures of the candidate. No representation, communication etc. by candidate’s guardian or anyone else shall be entertained by the Commission for consideration. Likewise replies, if any, that are to be addressed to a candidate in response to his/her application, shall be cleared by Chairman and signed by Secretary before dispatch.